High-Tech Loan


Are you planning to purchase new high-tech equipment or even replace appliances at the end of their particular life?
The particular purchase of these equipments may represent a certain weight within your budget.
Credit can be an option to facilitate this expense.


Realize your project using a credit

Realize your project with a credit

Technology is usually gaining more and more place in existence and screens are growing: there is on average 5. five per household, all types mixed (television, computer, smartphones, pills, etc . ).

The need for high-tech equipment is thus numerous:

  • Your computer is at the end of life and you need to substitute it.
  • You want to enjoy your movies plus series on a high quality display screen.
  • You plan in order to equip your home with a tone of the voice assistant.
  • You would like to buy the latest smartphone from your favorite manufacturer.

With consumer credit, tend not to wait any longer to buy your advanced equipment:

  • You can buy the product that makes you would like even if you do not have the budget to obtain immediately.
  • Due to the rapid contraction of this kind of loan, you can seize a good deal when it presents itself: exceptional special discounts on a website, destocking a shop, etc.
  • Rates of interest are down and create high tech personal loans really appealing.


How much in order to borrow to finance your own high-tech equipment?

How much to borrow to finance your high-tech equipment?

The total amount you will need to borrow to fund your purchase depends on the products you plan to acquire:

  • A TV: good LCD screen costs as much as 500 € for bigger models. An LED design will cost you a maximum of € two, 000. If you prefer to choose a 3D model, the largest displays cost around € five, 000.
  • A good overhead projector: count in between € 300 and € 3, 000.
  • A smartphone: for a current model, expect about five hundred €.
  • The laptop: between 300 plus 1, 500 € based on the brand and size from the screen.
  • The tablet: expect between hundred and 250 € based on the size and model.
  • A voice associate system for the home: based on the brands, count between a hundred and 350 €.
  • A camera: rely on average € 1, 1000 for a midrange SLR, plus between € 500 plus € 1, 500 for the hybrid camera.


How to obtain a personal loan in order to finance the purchase of high-tech equipment?

How to obtain a personal loan to finance the purchase of your high-tech equipment?

To consider advantage of the best rates discussed by our partners, make use of our personal loan comparator:

  • You will have entry to the various offers in full openness, to make the best choice.
  • Just specify the amount you are thinking about for the loan, as well as the repayment term.

Once in contact with the lending company, you will need to submit some files necessary for the constitution of the file:

  • proof of identity;
  • proof of address less than three months old
  • your own 3 previous account claims;
  • proof of revenue: payslips or final tax notice, for example.