Your vehicle insurance is important Find out why!

When a new car comes home everyone gets excited. And they even celebrate it as if it were the arrival of a new family member. And when you buy something so expensive it is to celebrate it. But what if something valuable happened to that car? What would happen if they steal it, crash it, or crush it? Well, you would say goodbye to your “investment”!

Does this make you fear everything your car touches and shake at every exit to the highway? Well, stop being afraid! Learn how vehicle insurance will help you enjoy your purchase more.

SOAT is not the same as auto insurance

SOAT is not the same as auto insurance

Before you tell me “but if I pay the SOAT”, I better explain what is the difference between this and insurance. First of all, SOAT is mandatory insurance and covers the victims of an accident. Second, your car is not a person, it is a good and it is not covered by the SOAT. So even if the SOAT is mandatory and important, it does not protect your vehicle.

Insurance is not an expense, it is an investment

Insurance is not an expense, it is an investment

I have already told you that a car is a good that is devalued. This is true, but we all like the idea of ​​having one, right? For the good, even if it is devalued, does not mean a total loss of money , it is important to have insurance. And, although the insurance involves an extra monthly payment, it protects the vehicle even for the loss of assets.

What does the last thing mean? That if your vehicle is stolen , or it is crashed, and it is impossible to recover it, or restore it, the insurer will indemnify you for the amount of the value of the vehicle (up to the maximum amount of the policy you have hired) or will return a car from it Brand and features that the lost. If something like this happens to you, you can only thank your prudence for taking out insurance.

Civil Liability


Although the material is important, life will always be the priority and vehicle insurance is valuable because it covers civil liability. And if you suffer an accident it will cover not only you, but also the damage you cause. If for example the vehicle with which you collide is unusable and you do not have insurance (when you are responsible), you will have to take out of your pocket the expenses that need to be covered by the other party. Nothing good for your finances right?

With insurance, even if it means an additional monthly payment to your vehicle credit, you can drive your car quietly. No one is safe from an accident and it is important that our family and its economy also be protected if something happens while we are behind the wheel.

With a personal budget we are sure that you will be able to cover the expenses of your loan and insurance for your car. Remember: ” Compare well before deciding on the best insurance,” acquiring it will prevent your savings from going to waste in the event of an accident or unforeseen.